Modern dies require heavy demands to the tool constructor and the tryout presses. A tryout press must simulate the later production systems; the tool tryout has to be economic and ergonomic.

In order to win this challenge, BLISS-BRET has developed high technological and efficient drive systems, drawing mechanism and control systems.

The tryout presses developed by BLISS-BRET are hydraulic driven because of the following advantages:

  • Programmable speeds and forces
  • Slide return stroke possible at any point on stroke
  • Full-rated capacity available over the entire stroke
  • Easy and quick adustment for diffent dies
  • Multi fuctional Multi-curve possibilties

The operation is simple and user-friendly by the use of joystick and PLC’s connected to control keyboards and screens which give an immediate overall view of the work being carried out.

The presses may be fitted with different equipment based on the use to which they will be put:

  • High-speed hydraulic drive.
  • Performant drive to maintain the slide-table parallelism.
  • Full controlled multi-point drawing cushion
  • Pre-acceleration of the hydraulic cushion
  • Blank impact absorbing device with stroke limitation
  • Moving bolsters, single and T-track
  • Slide lock throughout the entire stroke range
  • Coil feeding and transfer equipment for progressive die try-out
  • Die-spotting mode

Our research and development teams can provide various solutions to turn one of these presses into a general-purpose machine.

  • Universal tryout presses

These presses are used in all areas of die tryout. They are developed for efficient and quick testing of different types and sizes of tools before production start. The hydraulic drive is also dimensioned for the production of the first series.

Range: up to 30 000 kN
Bolster width: up to 5 000 mm
Working speed: up to 500 mm/sec

  • Multicurve tryout presses

Multicurve presses are equipped with an accumulator drive to simulate different mechanical press movements that reach forming speeds over 500 mm/sec. The multicurve press can simulate all possible press movements, such as eccentric drive, knuckle-joint drive, multi-link drive…

Tryout on a multicurve press is very realistic and it reduces the stop of the production presses during first production start up.

Range: up to 30 000 kN
Bolster width: up to 5 000 mm
Working speed: up to 500 mm/sec

Hydraulic Try-out presses
Hydraulic Try-out presses