Cushion Technology

A high quality hydraulic cushion increases the production quality. BLISS-BRET offers hydraulic cushions for mechanical and hydraulic presses, for drawing-blanking- and forging operations.

This high-tech equipment may be integrated in new BLISS-BRET presses as well as existing presses.

 1. Single point or multiple point draw-cushions:
  • Technology: Programming of the counter pressure according to the slide stroke and programming of different pressures in the different cushion-points (up to 8 points)
  • Applications: for drawing and blanking
 2. Cushion with pre-inflation:
  • Technology: This technology assures an instant reactivity of the cushion.
  • Applications: for press operations, such as blanking and drawing, during small strokes
 3. Pre-acceleration of the hydraulic cushion:
  • Technology: Pre-acceleration of the die cushion increases the impact of the upper die on the blank holder. The cushion and the slide meet at almost the same speed, which reduces noise and improves the lifetime of the tools and the quality of the produced parts. The pre-acceleration is obtained by means of 1 central placed, single action cylinder or by means of the main cushion cylinders. Nitrogen cylinders are delivering the energy and the control of the movement is realised by means of servo-technique.
  • Application: Draw cushions and forging applications
4. Pre-acceleration of the hydraulic cushion and integration of one adjustable cushion pins:
  • Technology: Single point cushion, with integration of an electrical driven, mechanical stop for calibration operations.
  • Applications: mainly for forging
Hydraulic Cushions
Hydraulic Cushions