Hydraulic production presses for blanking and drawing operations are more flexible then their mechanical colleagues.

Very quick, they become multifunctional in order to respond to wide variety in forming technology. BLISS-BRET hydraulic blanking/drawing presses offer an advantageous price/performance ratio.


Damping system

For blanking and cutting operations, our hydraulic presses are equipped with heavy hydraulic shock-absorbers. The damping is stroke independent and the pressure relief is fully controlled.

Besides, our impact dampers offer mechanical stroke limitation.

Drawing cushion system

The cushions are installed in the inferior press-part, or in the slide, either with heavy column guides or with 8-way flat guides. The cushion pressure is controlled and can be programmed in function of the press-stroke.

On customer demand, we offer the possibility to build up the cushion pressure before impact.

Hydraulic blanking/drawing presses
Hydraulic blanking/drawing presses