Normatic has developed a wide range of decoiling line equipment. This enables us to offer “turnkey” production lines. Based on our experience we also supply individual machines such as decoilers, straighteners, feeders, shearing units, etc.

The products we offer suit the needs of the most demanding users. Our lines are installed in the workshops of European automobile and steel industries.

The press feed lines cover a wide range of dimensions and stripmaterial.

The standard range covers strip widths from 200 mm up to 800 mm and thicknesses from 0,4 to 6 mm. At customer’s demand, we develop decoiling lines for stripwidths up to 1400 mm.

The diversity of materials to be straightened is a major consideration in the design of our equipment. Systems are produced for decoiling materials from aluminium (or any other low-elastic-limit material) to very high-elastic-limit steel.

Our press feed line equipment is conform to the current European regulations.

Each machine or set of machines forming a production line, is fitted with guards providing safety protection for personal. The design of the peripheral guards is studied with the customer to maintain the highest level of productivity and ergonomics.

A classic Normatic line is composed out of:

  • Decoiler , with simple or double mandrel
  • Strip introduction module with different hydraulic movements
  • Straightener
  • Loop-pit and its equipment
  • A hydraulic table for strip introduction
  • Electronic roll-feeder

 Our R&D department may integrate extra equipment, such as:

  • Sheet lubricator
  • Washing equipment
  • Recoiler


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Decoiling and recoiling lines, Normatic
Decoiling and recoiling lines, Normatic