In 2017 and 2018 we delivered and installed 2 BRET 2PACK Mechanical Presses straight from our factory to the production hall of our client in the Czech Republic. The 500 ton 2PACK50 and 400 ton 2PACK40 were both equipped with complete NORMATIC 800mm unwinding and feeding lines. 

The complete BLISS-BRET & NORMATIC installation is used in the manufacturing process of parts destined mainly for the automotive and electrical industries. Both of these industries require precise and high quality parts which are produced effortlessly by our 2PACK presses and NORMATIC lines. Thanks to our own R&D Department and in-house production of presses we were able to develop and produce these machines finetuned to the specific needs of our customer. We also provide full warranty and post-warranty service to ensure that the production runs smoothly even long after the installation has been done. 

The customer is satisfied with our presses and feeding lines, as is evidenced by the negotiations for another press, this time from our portfolio of BLISS hydraulic presses.

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