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As a producer, Bliss-Bret realises the importance of keeping the factories of its customers running. To assure productivity we need to keep the machines operational. With that in mind, we offer an extensive range of after-sales service to all our customers.

Extensive Service

The warranty and post-warranty service includes all the activities that our pressing and feeding technology requires to serve the customer for as long as possible without breakdowns and unforeseen production shutdowns.

Off course the best way to keep your production up and running is to avoid any issues before they happen, therefore we offer our customers periodic inspections and preventive maintenance. These inspections are intended to diagnose and rectify any malfunctions in advance, so that the customer can save considerably on unforeseen downtime or malfunctions. An integral part of the periodic inspections is the measurement and adjustment of the geometry of the presses, which results in further savings on maintenance or tool repair.

BLISS-BRET Trained personnel doing check-up

We own all the drawings, parts lists and technical documents for the Bret and Bliss presses as well as the Normatic decoiling lines, designed and delivered throughout our long history. This means that we can supply spare parts that are guaranteed to meet the original specifications of your presses and decoiling lines; but also, that we can provide up-to-date documentation and assure the intervention of qualified and trained personnel.

Service interventions can be tailored to customer requirements, and we can also carry out urgent service interventions within 24 hours. All our devices can be equipped with a remote management module, allowing us to diagnose and even remotely repair faults.

Renovation, modernisation, and compliance

At Bliss-Bret we pride ourselves on the quality and durability of our machinery. For example, we have customers who continue to use machines with limited repairs or extensive overhauls after more than 30 years of production.

However, the service life of our products still is a large yet finite number of cycles. With our extensive experience in the design and production of presses and the expertise of our employees in the mechanical, hydraulic, automatic, and electrical fields of machine tools, we have all the skills required to support our customers in the renovation, modernization, and compliance of their production facilities with the latest standards.

BLISS-BRET Modernisation with robotics

The modernisation of previous generation presses can be done with the installation and/or adaptation of the machines to meet the customer’s new requirements. This can be through add-ons such as lubrication systems, quick tool change systems, and many more. However, thanks to automation we can expand the capabilities and/or output of the machinery present in the factory with robotics and other automation tools.

With the support of the design office and our extensive range of previous projects, we can propose technical and economic solutions in line with the needs of customers, while considering the latest norms and technological developments.

Depending on the customer's requirements and the resources available, these renovations can be carried out on the customer's site, or we can also offer the customer an overhaul, transporting the equipment to our production plant in Verneuil sur Avre, Montbard or in Liptovsky Mikulas in Slovakia.

In our service and production plants we can carry out a complete replacement of all wearable mechanical parts, we can offer re-measuring and re-machining of all necessary parts, we can equip the machines with new hydraulics, new electrical components and PLC or PC and we can install safety systems to meet all current safety and technical standards.

As a fact, for BLISS-BRET a contract does not end with the delivery and start-up of the equipment... no, for us, the delivery is just the beginning of a longstanding relation with our customer.


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