Bliss-Bret projects update

3 custom-sized, hi-tech presses in production

Bliss-Bret is currently fabricating three new presses for worldwide customers.




Mechanical Eccentric Press for Dutch customer

For a Dutch supplier of press work, Bliss-Bret is manufacturing a mechanical press with a semi-automatic tool loading system and a full-automatic feeding and decoiling line. The capacity of this 2-point mechanical eccentric press is 400 tons. Stroke- and shut height-adjustment are fully automatic. Production change becomes quick and easy thanks to the BRET tool loading system. Precise guiding and high quality mechanical parts open the door to precise punching and fine blanking.


Hydraulic try-out press for Poland

For the try-out of tools and the production of proto-series, Bliss-Bret is making a custom sized hydraulic press for a Polish tool builder. The client will use this hydraulic press for the try-out of tools and the production of proto-series. The machine will have a maximum capacity of 15 000 kN and the moving bolster is measuring 5000 x 2500mm. Furthermore, the press is equipped with a hydraulic parallel system, a damping device which permits punching and blanking at high capacity, a fully controlled 5-point hydraulic cushion and a superior hydraulic ejector/stripper. The integrated die-spotting function simplifies the development and the fine-adjustment of the tools. The robust design and the installed power permit to produce without problems proto-series of all kinds.




Trimming press of 250 metric tons

This mechanical eccentric C-frame press with a capacity of 250 tons is the fourth of its kind sold to the world-wide leader in aluminium forging for automotive. This trimming press will be integrated in an automatic forging line, located in USA.

BLISS-BRET, without quality, no future

BLISS-BRET is constructing and developing presses for more than 100 years. This experience and our knowhow give us the opportunity to offer custom-made press-solutions for a large range of processes for the aeronautic, steel, defense and automotive industry

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