To maintain our business, we do not eschew changes: So we have grounded in 2005 a brand new production unit in Slovakia. It is our operating base for Eastern Europe since that time.

Today, in order to offer a still better service to our customers and to decrease our overhead costs, we are centralising our services.

In France, Verneuil sur Avre, we have organised our service department. Our service engineers offer service and support on all our machines build the last decennia.

They can count on the support of our R&D team located in Burgundy.This R&D team develops our machines and purchases the commercial parts to integrate on our machines. They are also responsible for the quality control of our products. Technicians in charge of start up, end-control, final reception and training by our customers all over the world, complete our R&D department.


The centralisation also applies on the production. Our production unit in Slovakia, BBSK, has become bigger and more efficient through the years. BBSK controls nowadays the complete production process: welding, annealing, sandblasting, machining and mounting.

99% of our machines are built in BBSK. Only a small percentage is still constructed in France.

This new organisation assures the continuation of delivery of qualitative machines for the next decennia.

BLISS BRET moves because we believe in sustainable solutions.


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