An automatic coil feeding line with a high speed hydraulic punching-drawing press made by BLISS-BRET.

We are proud to finish up a brand new automatic production line composed out of a decoiling line and a hydraulic production press. As with all our BLISS-BRET machines, the newly produced equipment contains the engineering and experience we’ve built up over many years. This makes it an efficient, durable and reliable production tool capable of running a large variety of production processes.



The machine has been equipped with various features, enhancing the overall usability and efficiency, such as a hydraulic drive to maintain slide parallelism. The latter, using 4 hydraulic jacks installed on the press bed and a hydraulic/electronic drive signed BLISS, is developed for following-die productions. It compensates eccentric forces during the slide down stroke.

Furthermore, it is equipped with a variety of electronics allowing precise manufacturing of high quality pieces.

To increase machine production time, special attention is given to the availability of the production line. Production change delays are minimised by integrating equipment such as a cart for 4 different coils, an automatic coil loading system, a motorised band introduction system and two moving press bolsters with semi-automatic tool clamping devices.


General features of the production line

Press capacity of 800ton,

Press table dimensions 3500 x 2000 mm,

Slide bolster dimensions 3500 x 2000 mm,

Hydraulic maintain of the press slide during the whole down stroke,

A high-speed hydraulic drive and a servo driven feeding line, offering production cycles less than 4 seconds,

An automatic coil loading system for coils up to 5 tons including a 4 coil loading cart,

Band largeness up to 1500mm,

A servo driven decoiler,

Motorised band introduction with hydraulic lifting table with introduction module,

Remote maintenance using a VPN – LAN router,

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About us, BLISS-BRET

BLISS-BRET was set up after the merger of three established French companies: scmBLISS, BRET and Normatic. BLISS and BRET were constructing and developing presses for more than 100 years. Normatic was the specialist in the design and the manufacturing of sheet metal feeding lines.

The knowhow of these three companies, forged together into one new enterprise BLISS-BRET, gives us the opportunity to offer technical solutions for a large range of processes and for different industries.

Today BLISS-BRET offers, in addition to standard presses, custom-size turnkey solutions for aerospace, automotive, military and steel industry.

BLISS-BRET was a French company a few years ago; today it has become a European company with engineering and service department in France (BRET SA) and production and service department in Slovakia (BLISS-BRET SK).

Without quality, no future!

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