Legrand is considered worldwide to be the specialist in products and systems for electrical installations. Furthermore, they are also an authority in the field of information networks used in house-construction, the industrial and the service sector. The company produces among other things home appliances and electric cabinets, and needed 2 hydraulic presses for these activities.


Legrand couldn’t have chosen a better partner than Bliss-Bret. They have been specialised in the construction of hydraulic and mechanical presses for over a century. Their collaboration turned out to be a win-win situation for both parties.

But how was Bliss-Bret able to meet the specific requirements of Legrand so well? By consulting one another often, of course, but also by determining the technical specifications meticulously. Right from the start the limitations of the dimensions and the interface were taken into consideration. This makes the operator’s job a lot easier. Naturally, the presses also meet Europe’s strictest regulations. 

This way, our teams have succeeded in developing custom-made goods that comply with demands of high productivity and availability of the machines.

This means:

  • A PHSc400 -1400 400t press with a maximum stroke of 1400 mm
  • A PHSc400 -850 400t press with a maximum stroke of 850 mm

These hydraulic presses are used for the vertical compression for the warm shaping of composite materials and polyester panels. Not only are they quality tools, perfect to meet Legrand’s  needs, these presses have also raised productivity. Legrand can now produce up to 60 pieces per hour, depending on the size and the product. 

It’s safe to say that the collaboration between Legrand and the French Haco branch created a unique and qualitative solution. Are you interested in hydraulic presses made to measure, please  do not hesitate to contact us.

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