A new generation of straightening, forming & bending presses for the aerospace manufacturing


BLISS-BRET has developed and built over many decades straightening & forming presses for steel and aerospace industry.

Recently, BLISS-BRET received an order for the development and construction of a production unit with a new type of straightening press, intended for the forming of hi-tech aluminium aircraft wing structures. The new production unit had to replace old equipment and should improve ergonomics, production speed, production costs and safety. In addition, the parts, with multiple complex shapes, must remain free of surface damage during the forming operations. BLISS-BRET accepted this challenge and together with its client and its suppliers, they developed a new generation of hydraulic presses, type PHR with slide-angle control, that combines versatility, precision and speed. The integration of a custom made handling manipulator completed the production unit.


Forming, bending and straightening - hydraulics

High precision and versatile hydraulic functions assure the bending, forming and straightening of the aluminium aircraft structures. Ergonomic positioned displays, allow the operator to control the production parameters such as slide position and hydraulic pressure. The slide angle is adjustable and remains unchanged during slide down stroke. Even if high decentralized forces are reacting on the slide, the slide angle does not change! The set pressure is accurate up to 0,5% of the maximum nominal pressure and the slide positions is realised with a precision of 0,01 mm. The slide is equipped with several systems to avoid uncontrolled fall-down, such as a hydro mechanical lock that can be activated at any slide stroke position.

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  • The hydraulic group is installed on ground level nearby the press, in order to facilitate maintenance operations.  
  • Oil tanks are equipped with a retention tank in order to collect spilled oil during maintenance operations. 
  • The used components are all European or Japanese reputable brands.

Handling of the parts

For the handling of the parts, BLISS-BRET developed, together with its supplier, a semi-automatic handling manipulator with sensitive control. This equipment enables the operator to handle without physical efforts and in safe conditions, complex forms with various shapes. A lifting table with automatic height adjustment, mounted on the front side of the press, allows unloading of the parts. Handling becomes safe, fast and ergonomic!

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Positioning of the parts during the press operation

Installation of an automatic back gauge, equipped with several brushless servo-motors and a light-weight mechanical frame, assure fast and extremely accurate positioning of the multi-shape parts inside the press. The parts are supported by a full automatic lifting table that is equipped with free ball rollers.

Tool change equipment

The production unit is completed with a tool change device that combines safety and ergonomics. This device is developed using the SMED analysis method and it is semi-automatic. (SMED = Single Minute Exchange of Dies)

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BLISS-BRET was set up after the merger of three established French companies: scmBLISS, BRET and Normatic. BLISS and BRET were constructing and developing presses for more than 100 years. Normatic was the specialist in the design and the manufacturing of sheet metal feeding lines.
The know-how of these three companies, forged together into one new enterprise BLISS-BRET, gives us the opportunity to offer technical solutions for a large range of processes and for different industries. Today BLISS-BRET offers, in addition to standard presses, custom-size turnkey solutions, for aerospace, automotive, military and steel industry. BLISS-BRET was a French company a few years ago; today it has become a European company with engineering, purchase and service department in France (BRET) and production department in Slovakia (BLISS-BRET SK).

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