Discover automated excellence with Bliss-Bret!
This production line is a feat of engineering designed specifically to meet the challenges of producing heavy container walls and roofs.
Faced with the need to continuously form products to finished dimensions, our customer was looking for an innovative approach.
This BLISS-BRET solution consists of a fully automated installation comprising a servo-driven hydraulic press, two CNC manipulators for feeding and retracting, and two industrial robots for stacking and destacking. The industrial robots and the CNC manipulators are equipped with an automatic gripper changing system, bringing flexibility and efficiency to the manufacturing process.
At the end of each press cycle, the finished sheet, shaped according to the specified requirements is positioned behind the press using retractable manipulators.
This automated process not only guarantees production efficiency and precision, but also saves a considerable amount of time, thus ensuring quick return on investment.
With this production line, we have fully met our customer's requirements. As partners, we guided them through the whole process thus strengthening their confidence in Bliss-Bret.
Find out all about this BLISS-BRET innovation in our video.
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