BLISS-BRET (France & Slovakia) are proud members of the HACO-GROUP.  Together we cover over more than 100 years experience in construction of hydraulic and mechanical presses.  Next to our standard gamma of eccentric presses we also deliver key turned projects that reach the high standards of aviation and automotive industry.  

We are not only your dealer, the complete machine with full equipment is produced in Slovakia.  In this way we are able to warrant a fast and full service. Our experienced team is available at any time to assist you with advice or requirements you may have.



Bliss-Bret a.s., arised in 2004, is a daughter company of SCMBLISS and BRET two constructors of automated press lines.

Based in Normandy since it creation in 1875, BRET is situated in Verneuil sur Arve(Eure), 100 km west of Paris.  For over 100 years, the company has specialized in building mechanical presses for the bank-drawing and forging industries.  Our products cover a wide range and are based on standard and modular designs. 

The administrative, R&D, machining and assembly shops are located together in three buildings covering 11000m². In order to satisfy its production needs, BRET has machine tools able to manufacture almost any machined part.  In addition to the machining equipment the company has gantry cranes with capacities from 3.5 to 100 ton and  two assembly pits.

BLISS is an established company that built presses in Paris St Ouen for more than 100 years.  Then, in 1974 it transferred all its departments and formed the SCMBcompany.  During the 1990’s SCMB took part in a joint venture with Müller Weingarten and HACO.  Today the company has taken back its original name. 

SCMBLISS specialises in the design and manufacture of hydraulic and mechanical presses.  To satisfy its customers needs SCMBLISS also provides additional services such as robotisation, line automation, destackers, transfers, etc, as well as the renovation and modernisation of existing installations.  SCMBLISS is constantly investing in its know-how and its quality systems.  SCMBLISS is ISO 9001 V 2000 and AQUAP 120 certified.

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